Manfred Weber (CSU), about dts
Manfred Weber (CSU), about dts

Manfred Weber calls for uniform EU asylum law

The chairman of the Christian-Democratic EPP Group in the European Parliament, the CSU politician Manfred Weber, wants to replace national asylum laws with a European regulation.

"We have to develop a European asylum and refugee law," Weber told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). He spoke in favor of finally clarifying the right to protection at the EU's external border in accordance with common EU standards.

"Europe has to raise the flag there, open offices and check the protection claim according to European standards," said Weber. These standards would then have to “enforce the European asylum authority and the border protection authority Frontex together”. Weber appealed to the German Council Presidency, which began on July 1, to campaign for this solution. His demand goes beyond a proposal that Federal Interior Minister Seehofer brought up for discussion in November last year among the EU interior ministers. Accordingly, a “preliminary check of asylum applications” was planned at the EU's external border. An upgraded EU asylum agency should “support” the relevant states and then select a member state to carry out the asylum procedure on them and “finally decide on the right to protection”. Weber's considerations, however, amount to the sovereign transfer of the entire procedure to the EU. The EPP Group leader, who is also the deputy CSU chairman, advocated that people with the right to stay should be distributed to the Member States.

A mandatory quota cannot be politically enforced for everyone, but it is sufficient if “at least half of the member states” participate. Those who do not want to take in people in need must "make additional contributions to securing the external border and in development policy in order to improve the perspective for people in their home country". You need a mechanism that makes such services comparable, the EU Commission should watch over it. Such a breakthrough was "possible" during the German Council Presidency, said Weber.

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