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May hike ends in hospital

Friedrichsthal Bildstock (ots) - On May 01.05.20st, 18, around 15:25 p.m., a 22-year-old from Merchweiler and a 25-year-old from Saarbrücken were attacked by unknown groups during the May hike in the confluence area Illinger Straße / Maybacher Weg in Bildstock . The group of perpetrators attacked the victim in such a way that they went down on the street and briefly lost consciousness. Motorists came to the aid of the injured party and his girlfriend. The group of perpetrators then fled on foot towards Merchweiler. Before that, they took the couple's backpacks with them. The 0687-year-old was taken to the hospital. He suffered lacerations on the head, a broken nose and an injury to the teeth. Who can give information about the group of perpetrators? Police inspection Sulzbach: 9330-XNUMX

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