Maas hopes for better relations with Washington after the US election

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) linked the US presidential election with the hope of an improvement in German-American relations.

"I would like the way we deal with each other to change - completely regardless of who wins this election," said the SPD politician to the "editorial network Germany" (Saturday editions). The transatlantic relationship has suffered in recent years.

“With Donald Trump as President, the transatlantic relationship has become more complicated. Decisions were made again and again without prior consultation that we could not understand, ”said Maas, referring to the termination of the nuclear agreement with Iran. At the same time, the minister warned against illusions in the event of an election victory for challenger Joe Biden. “I'm not one of those who think that with a President Biden 'everything would be fine',” said Maas.

"American foreign and security policy has been strategically realigning its role in the world that it assumed during the Cold War for years." You have to be prepared for the fact that nothing structurally will change in this basic trend, he said. There may be better agreements with the Americans after a change of government. "But the lesson remains: We Europeans have to take on more personal responsibility," warned Maas.

The SPD politician forbade the USA to intervene in the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline project. “We decide on our energy policy and energy supply here in Europe. We are not criticizing the fact that the United States more than doubled its oil imports from Russia last year and is now the world's second largest importer of Russian heavy oil, ”said Maas. The USA would exercise its right to an independent energy policy. "We do that too," he added.

He assumes that Nordstream 2 will be finished. “The question is when,” the Foreign Minister told the RND.