Linke wants to vote in the Bundestag on rent moratorium

Rental apartments, about dts
Rental apartments, about dts
In the dispute over the extension of the moratorium on rent payments, consumer loans and energy, water and telephone bills, which expires at the end of June, the left calls for a vote in the Bundestag.

“The crisis is not over. Tenants now need the security of not losing their apartment in the next few months. The moratorium on termination must be extended to at least September, ”said Caren Lay, deputy chairwoman and spokeswoman for rent policy for the left faction, the“ Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland ”(Monday editions).

"I will submit an application for the Left Group in the Bundestag in the next week of the session," announced Lay. "In fact, a lot more measures are required so that the rent crisis is not exacerbated by the corona crisis." A ban on all layoffs and evictions during the pandemic was needed. “Nobody is allowed to lose their home now. The housing allowance must be increased and the entitlement extended. ” The left also called for a ban on rent increases during the pandemic. "There is also a need for a way to cut rents when households face significant income losses as a result of the crisis," said Lay. The state must also help landlords if necessary. “For landlords who should experience payment difficulties themselves, a state hardship fund must be set up.” The SPD and the Union have been arguing about extending the rent moratorium for days. According to information from the RND, all CDU and CSU ministries have raised objections to a regulation by Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD), which wants to extend the temporary protection against dismissal for tenants, consumers and borrowers decided in the wake of the corona crisis.

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