Lewentz: Good training is a prerequisite for good police work

Büchenbeuren (ots) - Minister of the Interior Roger Lewentz said at the graduation ceremony of the students of the Bachelor degree course of the University of Police Rhineland-Palatinate and the Master degree course of the German University of Police in Münster the high quality of the training as a prerequisite for a good and appreciated by the citizens successful police work praised. "We need you as the best trained and highly motivated young civil servants in order to meet the increasing demands on the police and to continue to enjoy the high esteem of the people", emphasized Lewentz. The minister said that the successful graduates would be released into a demanding professional environment with a good education. The job of police officer is not an ordinary one, nor is it an easy one. But it is also multifaceted like hardly any other profession and the opportunity to have positive effects, to help people in need and to survive in difficult crisis situations can also be incredibly motivating. At the graduation ceremony, a total of 232 students from the 16th Bachelor's degree at the Rhineland-Palatinate Police University were appointed police commissioners. At the same time, 15 Rhineland-Palatinate graduates of the Master’s degree in Police Management from the German Police University (Münster) were appointed police or criminal councilors. The director of the University of Police, Friedel Durben, stated in his speech: “The students have shown a high level of commitment through their very good performance record and their involvement in the construction of the memorial for police officers who died on duty, and we can be proud of that . ”Furthermore, the 16th Bachelor's degree showed itself to be socially committed by handing over three donations of 500EUR each to the Friends of the HdP, the Stefan Morsch Foundation and the parents' initiative for children with cancer in Koblenz. Minister Lewentz pointed out that the number of apprentices at the university has increased continuously in recent years. Since 2018, the number of recruits has been at a record level with 580 candidates. With a view to the significantly increased demands on the police, not only has the training been expanded to include training in dealing with life-threatening situations. Significant investments have also been made in the past few years in the protection of civil servants and in state-of-the-art technology for equipping distance electric pulse devices (tasers) to business smartphones and tablets. "All of these measures modernize and professionalize our police force and make them fit for the future - from which the people in Rhineland-Palatinate benefit," said Lewentz.

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