Lauterbach against loosening in the Gütersloh district

Karl Lauterbach, about dts
Karl Lauterbach, about dts
The SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach has spoken out against loosening the corona restrictions in the district of Gütersloh.

"In the district of Gütersloh there is still no reason for the all-clear," said Lauterbach to the T-Online news portal. "The numbers are still too high to lift the restrictions again."

After the big corona outbreak in a slaughterhouse in Tönnies, stricter restrictions had been reintroduced in the Gütersloh district. They are valid until Tuesday for the time being. Most recently, more than 100 people outside the Tönnies area tested positive for the corona virus. "The local lockdown was correct and just in time, although Prime Minister Armin Laschet had initially hesitated," said Lauterbach now. “It is only possible to loosen up when the infection limit is fallen below again. The agreed upper limit is already set high, we have to comply with it now. ” The federal and state governments had agreed a few weeks ago that regionally stronger restrictions on life should be reintroduced if the number of new infections per 100.000 inhabitants has exceeded 50 within the past seven days. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the value in the district of Gütersloh was 112,6 on Monday.

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