Laschet: No decision on lockdown on Monday

According to the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet (CDU), the conference of the state heads of government with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday will not result in a decision on easing or extending the lockdown.

"Tomorrow's date is intended as an interim balance sheet date, so you can't make any decisions about how things will go after November 30th," said Laschet of the "Bild-Zeitung" (Monday edition). Decisions could then be made at another prime ministerial conference a week later.

On the question of whether the schools can generally remain open in December, Laschet said: "That cannot be answered yet, that also depends on the further infection process." possible and as safe as possible ”. Alternating instruction is "always only the second best solution". The question of whether there can be “a nice Christmas” this year is currently open to Laschet: “The virus is unpredictable, we notice that day after day.”

One cannot realistically answer today, “whether I will be on Christmas vacation, whether I will be on Easter vacation and whether I can get married next year”. Laschet continues: "If we are successful with contact restrictions, then it will be easier for us to talk about Christmas at the beginning of December than we are today."