Cross-border police security day

Police in Saarland
The Saarland State Police informed
Yesterday (15.10.2019) a cross-border security day was held to combat crime in public spaces, in which the state police of Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria took part in addition to the Saarland. A total of around 80 police officers in Saarland checked around 170 people and 190 vehicles at four different locations in Homburg.

Saarbrücken / Homburg. Yesterday (October 15.10.2019, 80) a transnational security day took place to combat criminal offenses in public space, in which, in addition to Saarland, the state police of Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria took part. In total, around 170 police officers checked around 190 people and XNUMX vehicles at four different locations in Homburg.

The three stationary checkpoints were set up in the Homburg-Schwarzenacker area, near the Römermuseum, in Homburg on Bexbacher Straße and near the KOI swimming pool in Kaiserslauterer Straße. In addition to vehicle and personal controls, road safety advisors were available at the control locations for prevention and advisory talks with citizens.

In addition, the traffic police checked the heavy goods traffic on the BAB 6 at the Homburg fuel service station as part of a mobile control point.

In Bexbacher Strasse, officers checked two people who were wanted with a payment arrest warrant. Both men could be released after paying the outstanding fine.

In addition, the emergency services found more than 30 traffic offenses at the checkpoints, including people who use their cell phones while driving or who were not wearing a seat belt. The colleagues also checked a total of three people who were driving without a driver's license. Investigations were initiated into driving without a license.

During the heavy load checks, the traffic police found two trucks where the load was not properly secured. They also caught a truck driver who was on the phone while driving. He had to pay a security deposit of 130 euros on site before he was allowed to continue his journey. In addition, the forces initiated three administrative offense reports against three so-called scrap collectors because of violations of the circular economy and waste law.