Control measures by the police when complying with corona rules

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Kaiserslautern / West Palatinate (ots) - In the West Palatinate, police forces monitored compliance with the 12th Corona Control Ordinance of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate on Friday. Many people from the West Palatinate acted in accordance with the rules. However, 127 administrative offenses were punished. These were mainly the result of 12 illegal gatherings in public spaces, where people from more than two households met and 44 violations of the mask requirement. The police headquarters in West Palatinate are continuing their control measures on Saturday. | Pvd

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Originally written by: Police headquarters West Palatinate

The text is a press release from the West Palatinate Police Headquarters. The text has not been edited or changed by our editorial team. POL-PPWP: Control measures by the police on the occasion of compliance with Corona rules