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Munich (ots) - Vacationers who receive a parking ticket abroad should pay quickly and on the spot. Just sitting it out is not a good idea. The penalties can now be subsequently enforced in Germany from all EU countries. The ADAC recommends checking foreign fines for correctness and plausibility and then paying immediately. Many countries also offer high discounts if the fine is paid quickly. Depending on the country and type of traffic violation, up to 50 percent can be reduced. In the event of incorrect fines or misunderstandings, those affected should seek legal advice.

If a ticket has not been paid for, the foreign authorities will hand the matter over to the Federal Office of Justice in Bonn, which is responsible for collecting fines retrospectively. According to ADAC, only amounts of money above a limit of 70 euros are collected with the exception of Austria, where the limit is 25 euros. This includes the fine and any administrative costs incurred.

However, greater caution is required when receiving mail from a foreign lawyer or debt collection company because of a traffic violation abroad. In the past few years, around half a million Germans have been asked to pay in this way, mostly with very high additional fees. Croatian lawyers, for example, have developed a business model in which they demand amounts of money from German drivers for parking violations that are 20 times higher than the local tariffs. The ADAC advises those affected to object to such excessive claims in any case and, if necessary, to call in a lawyer.

Anyone who receives a dunning notice or a message from the bailiff because of a foreign ticket needs immediate legal support in order to possibly defend against an enforcement in this country.

Even if a fine - for whatever reason - cannot be enforced in this country, the club raises concerns that in some countries fines only expire after years. Anyone who does not pay a fine from Italy, for example, can be held financially liable for up to five years in Italy if an inspection reveals that an invoice is still open.

A driving ban imposed abroad can only be enforced in the respective country. There are also no points in the Flensburg traffic offenders file for traffic violations abroad.

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