Team photo
Team photo, Image: Lukas Mathieu

Short victory for the Friedrichsthal water polo players against Neustadt II

In a highly exciting game, SV Friedrichsthal wins the game against the reigning champions from Neustadt, SC Neustadt II. The previously unbeaten opponent was unable to kidnap any points from Friedrichsthal.

In the first leg, SV Friedrichsthal had to admit defeat 10: 5 and could not start with the best staff: Four players had to be replaced. So the returnees Lucas Blechschmidt and Holger Huber came at the right time.

Replacement weakened opponents from Neustadt

But SC Neustadt II also had to do without some regular players, but was able to bring Gergely Nagy and the second goalkeeper of the players from the first team (playing in the 2st water polo Bundesliga) into the team.

These made the difference in the team from Neustadt and kept the team in the game.

The course of the game

Friedrichsthal started concentrated and tried, but always failed due to the goalkeeper of the opponent. So the leadership of Neustadt was not surprising. In the second part of the game, the picture was the same until the 14th minute: Friedrichsthal had more of the game, but did not use his chances, which allowed the visiting team to stay on and not only compensate in the weak phase of the hosts shortly before the end of the second quarter, but even took the double lead with the final siren and a wonderful goal (6: 4).

The hit had an effect, so that the Friedrichsthalers had to fight with themselves for a long time. To make matters worse, the goalkeeper of the SVF was excluded for the rest of the game, so that the Friedrichsthal player coach Szczurkiewicz had to step in as a "goalie" before field player Holger Huber took over.

Spurred on by these adversities, Friedrichsthaler got going strongly in the last quarter and wanted to fight resolutely against the backlog. After only 17 seconds Tobias Bauer scored the 6: 7 goal and Andrzej Szczurkiewicz managed to achieve an 8: 7 lead with a double pack. After the 9: 7 lead in the meantime, the Neustädter came twice by overpowering, but could not avoid the 10: 9 loss.

Friedrichsthal won after strong performance and great morale with 10: 9 and taught the reigning champions, as in the previous season, the first - and then only - defeat of the season.

It played: Paul Kintzel (T: 1st-3rd quarter), Manuel Christmann, Yannis Künstle (2 goals / 1 exclusion error), Holger Huber (T: 4th quarter), Nick Bärtschi (2/0), Markus Lambert, Andrzej Szczurkiewicz ( 3/0), Lucas Blechschmidt, Niko Basters, Lukas Mathieu (0/1), Thomas Pink (0/1), Maximilian Simonett (1/2) and Tobias Bauer (2/0).

Picture sources:

  • Team photo SV Friedrichsthal: Lukas Mathieu