Child hit on bicycle / culprit fled - police are looking for witnesses

Ensdorf (ots) - On Friday, October 09.10.2020th, 18, around 29:13 p.m., a traffic accident occurred on a cycle lane on Saarlouiser Straße in Ensdorf, involving a car and a XNUMX-year-old child on a bicycle.

A hitherto unknown driver of the vehicle brushed against the bike of a child on a cycle path in her car in the exit area to the B 51. The 13-year-old, who crossed the road with his bicycle, fell as a result and injured his arm. The driver then got out of her vehicle, warned the slightly injured child and continued her journey.

The fleeing vehicle is said to have been a silver or gray car with Saarlouiser Kreiskennzeichen (SLS).

Witnesses who can provide information about the traffic accident are asked to contact the Saarlouis police station on 06831/9010.

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Posted by: Saarlouis police inspection

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