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Munich (ots) - The VW Golf 8 is the first vehicle in the compact class whose keyless system cannot be cracked with a simple radio extension. This is pointed out by the ADAC. The system in the new Golf is based on the so-called ultra-wide-band technology (UWB), which is already in use at Jaguar and Land Rover. The club also had not been able to open these top-class and luxury-class vehicles with a self-made radio extension and could not drive them away. However, more than 350 other models from different manufacturers could be tricked - and so easily stolen.

UWB technology ensures that the vehicle recognizes the actual distance to the car key. So the car only opens when the key is really close. If the radio connection is simply “extended”, the vehicle remains closed.

With keyless systems without UWB technology, however, the signal can easily be extended up to a kilometer and the vehicle can be unlocked and started - regardless of whether the original key is in the house or in the owner's jacket pocket, for example. The radio extension can be built with little material.

The ADAC advises members to be more vigilant when storing the key. The club sees automakers as being obliged to systematically secure all vehicle electronics, as has long been standard in other IT areas. For owners of affected vehicles, there should also be quick remedial measures by retrofitting.

You can find a list of all over 360 vehicles examined at (

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