Christine Lambrecht, on dts
Christine Lambrecht, on dts

Minister of Justice: Higher minimum fines for child abuse

Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) wants to significantly tighten the penalties for child abuse and child pornography.

Both crimes should in future be punished with a minimum sentence of one year imprisonment and thus be classified as a crime, said the minister of the "Bild" (Wednesday edition). The minimum penalty for child abuse is six months, and three months for child pornography.

“The sentence must take into account the terrible effects of such acts on children. Therefore, an increase in the minimum sentence is reasonable and necessary, ”said the SPD politician. In addition, “it will also no longer be possible to end proceedings if these acts are classified as crimes”. Regarding the tightening of penalties for owning child pornography alone, Lambrecht said: “Those who own such videos are complicit in the worst mistreatment of children. There is no acting there, the rapes and most disgusting sexual assaults against minors are real. ”

The children and their suffering are real. “That has to be reflected in the sentence: such crimes are crimes. Minimum sentence: 1 year in prison. And if it's just one such video on the phone. ”

Lambrecht also announced that the law would also enforce a new wording for relevant acts. The term “child abuse” should be abolished. “It sounds like there is legal 'use' of children. A terrible choice of words. ”

Therefore, one wants to use “clear” terms in the future: “It's about` sexualized violence`. Violence against children. ” That should also be called in the name in the new law, said the SPD politician.

In order not to overburden certain behavior, for example among young people, with criminal law despite the tightening of sentences, her draft law will ensure that, for example, "a kiss on the tongue between almost the same age is not criminalized". Nevertheless, it is clear, according to Lambrecht: “Even young people, around 16 years old, will be held accountable in the future if they have child pornography on their computers. I want to send a clear signal to young people in particular: depicting sexual violence against children is a disgusting crime. ” This insight could not happen early enough - also in juvenile criminal law, said the minister.

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