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Ischinger: If necessary, the EU should threaten military operations in Libya

The head of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, is campaigning for the EU to threaten the use of military means if necessary in the Libyan civil war.

“Europe could weigh its military weight so that an armistice could be reached. Those who cannot threaten the use of military means in international conflicts, their diplomacy all too often remains rhetoric, ”said Ischinger to the newspapers of the Funke media group (Monday editions).

“Under certain circumstances, the Libya crisis could also be a case for NATO. We have to learn that foregoing military options often means foregoing solutions. ” At the start of Germany's forthcoming EU Council Presidency, Ischinger said it was “imperative that the EU learn the language of power in order to better represent its interests to the outside world. This presupposes that Germany also learns the language of power ”.

The German government had prepared the international Libya conference in Berlin in January with great energy. "Unfortunately, the result has so far been almost zero," said Ischinger. The acting powers in the conflict ?? Russia, Turkey, Egypt or certain Gulf states ?? would have simply ignored the appeals from Germany and its partners. "Why? Because only those who have the military say count on site. ”

Ischinger cited the Bosnia and Kosovo crisis in the 90s as an example. "Back then peace was only possible when the Americans put military pressure on," said Ischinger. “In extreme situations it is necessary to be able to operate with military means. Otherwise, the enforcement of foreign policy interests remains toothless. ”

With a view to Russia, the head of the Munich Security Conference recommended the German government to use the Nordstream 2 pipeline project as a political leverage. This is not without problems, because German companies are also involved in Nordstream 2. “But Germany could at least threaten to postpone the project again by a few months and let Russia come. We have such means. We should be confident. We occasionally underestimate our own weight. ”

Ischinger criticized that there was almost no movement in the implementation of the Minsk agreement in the Ukraine conflict. “Russia has managed to pretend that it is a third country like Germany or France. In fact, Moscow is a party to the conflict. ”

And: "We have to start a process that offers Ukraine a perspective to regain control of its entire territory."

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