International conference “Digital Education” at the University of Police in Rhineland-Palatinate

Participants in the conference
Participants in the "Digital Education" conference at the Rhineland-Palatinate Police College Picture: Police College

Büchenbeuren (ots) - Access to knowledge databases is omnipresent. In the digital age, there is an opportunity to acquire information in different ways almost anywhere and at any time. This change is both a challenge and an opportunity for an educational institution. To pick up on this development, representatives of the state police, representatives of various state schools such as the fire brigade and international cooperation partners met for the first conference on “Digital Education” at the University of Police in Rhineland-Palatinate on November 25 and 26.11.2019, 60. The focus was on the intensive exchange about new opportunities for knowledge transfer and individual learning. Lecturers from the Rhineland-Palatinate Police University presented to those present the specially produced learning videos “The cock explains criminal law”, which are accessible to everyone on the video platform YouTube, the exciting field of simulations and the area of ​​e-lectures. External experts informed about further trends in the field of e-learning as well as developments in the field of virtual reality / augmented reality. The Estonian cooperation partners also present their advanced digital learning offer. At the Barcamp sessions on the second day of the event, the around XNUMX participants had the opportunity to discuss controversial topics. The head of the IT department of the Police University, police director Stefan Bytzek, was extremely satisfied with the course and the results of the conference: "We hope that this event has given an impetus for an intensified exchange and many other collaborations."

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