Ingelheim, police officers save man from drowning

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Ingelheim - Mainz (ots) - With severe hypothermia and until exhaustion, Ingelheim police officers managed to rescue a 13-year-old Rheinhessen from the flooding Rhine on Friday afternoons between 00:14.00 p.m. and 54:XNUMX p.m.

The control center of the police headquarters in Mainz was informed on Friday, March 06.03.2020th, 13 at 05:XNUMX p.m. that an apparently insecure man in Ingelheim an der Mole was in danger of falling into the Rhine. While the patrol was coming from Ingelheim, the obviously heavily drunk man also made an emergency call and announced that he would now go to the Rhine.

When the patrol reaches the pier in Ingelheim-Frei Weinheim, the man is already a few meters from the bank, up to his knees in the water and does not respond to calls from the police. Rather, it goes completely into the Rhine and is immediately driven away from the bank due to the strong current, the flooding Rhine. The policemen still manage to throw the lifebuoy into the man so that it luckily lands over it.

The two police officers follow the man floating in the water and continue to shout to try to contact him. However, this remains unsuccessful. Only after a few meters is it driven by the current near the shore and a boat jetty protruding into the water there. The emergency services go over the barrier and reach the end of the dock. There a tall police officer lies flat on his stomach. Despite a height difference of approx. 100 centimeters to the water, after several attempts and hanging upside down, he manages to grab the 54-year-old's jacket and pull it towards him with great effort. In the meantime, other police officers from the Ingelheim police reach the jetty and lie down on their colleague's legs. In this way, you prevent your colleague, including those who are being held, from being pulled off the dock by the current.

Even in this situation, the man does not respond to a normal speech or to loud calls. Due to the difference in height between the jetty and the water surface, it was also not possible to lift or pull the man out of the water onto the jetty. It is only after the arrival of a boat from the Hessian water police that the man can be pulled into a boat and brought ashore. In the meantime, there are emergency services from the Ingelheim fire brigade, the Bingen water police and the emergency services. This takes over the extremely cold man and takes care of him. At this point, he still had a body temperature of 32 degrees Celsius. He is later taken to a Mainz hospital for further inpatient care. The 33-year-old police officer is also extremely hypothermic and still has a body temperature of 34 degrees Celsius. Medical treatment is not required.

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Originally written by: Police inspection Ingelheim

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