IMK chief for the reception of migrants from Moria

Refugee camp, about dts
Refugee camp, about dts
The chairman of the conference of interior ministers, Georg Maier (SPD), has asked the federal government to take in migrants from the Moria refugee camp on Lesbos at short notice.

The federal government must offer "to take over contingents of the refugees on Lesbos at short notice," said Thuringia's interior minister to the "world" (Thursday edition). “The state and local authorities are ready. Thuringia has offered to take in an additional 500 refugees, and thousands of people could be taken in nationwide. "

This is best done "in cooperation with other European countries that are also ready to take in people at short notice," said Maier. If individual EU states do not want to participate in such a mechanism, one has to accept that. It also needs "immediate offers of help" from the federal government.

"The Technical Relief Organization can help with the construction of temporary accommodation so that people have a roof over their heads." Maier also called for a "sustainable solution" in a European context. "Here the Federal Minister of the Interior is called upon to act much faster than before."