HVV Friedrichsthal has a new board

HVV board
The new board of the HVV Friedrichsthal | Image: Regio-Journal
The Heimat- und Verkehrsverein Friedrichsthal elected a new board on October 15.10.2019, XNUMX. Josef Koch was unanimously elected to succeed Rolf Schultheis. Stefan Düster becomes his deputy.

Der Heimat- und Verkehrsverein Friedrichsthal hat am 15.10.2019 einen neuen Vorstand gewählt. Josef Koch wurde einstimmig zum Nachfolger von Rolf Schultheis gewählt. Sein Stellvertreter wird  Stefan Düster.

Before the election of the new top management, the first chairman and mayor of the city of Friedrichsthal, Rolf Schultheis, reported on the past financial year. Because the organization of the carnival events was no longer carried out by the HVV, the field of activity was significantly reduced. Only the Christmas market has to be organized as an event. Schultheis recommended the new board of directors to look for new fields of activity, such as organizing the 50th anniversary of the city of Friedrichsthal. Josef Koch suggested cooperation with other associations and groups.

The cash register report showed that the club is financially healthy. Harald Hauch, as the cash auditor, confirmed that the cash register is on an impeccable board of directors and recommended that the board be relieved. The members present followed this recommendation.

Rolf Schultheis was no longer available for the election of the board. Josef Koch will assume this office in the future. Stefan Düster was elected as his deputy.

Jasmin Koch was unanimously elected managing director, Silvia Montag takes over the office of secretary.

Rolf Schultheis was unanimously elected cashier. He takes over from Günter Struttmann, who was no longer available.

Christian Jung will continue to handle the press work. Manfred Hahn, Markus Detemple, Christiane Wagner, Gerd Montag and Peter Koch were chosen as assessors. Harald Hauch and Günter Struttmann were chosen as auditors.

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