How do you clean a face mask?

Mouth-nose mask cleaning
Different masks on a stand
Proper cleaning, use and care of mouth-nose masks made of cotton or similar materials is essential. This is about mindfulness.

The mask requirement is probably a little more than a previously named courtesy gesture. With a mouth-nose mask, pathogens cannot be spread widely. With the appropriate safety distance, an additional safety zone is created. But how are masks to be maintained so that they can be used safely?

Disposable masks belong in the trash!

Let me first say: one disposable mask is a disposable mask - and these are almost all "paper masks". This means that it cannot be used more than once. Even if something else is said, it doesn't make sense. The virologist Christian Drosten said about this measure that, due to the shortage of masks, they had to be "baked" in the oven for a good 70 minutes at 30 degrees. The processing does not work with "FFP" masks. Individual models can be reconditioned under certain conditions.

Sterilization in the microwave it does not work. On the contrary: It is dangerous, as metal nose pieces are often incorporated into the masks, which can cause fires in the microwave! Please don't do this!

It is better, reusable masks to use. Contrary to the recommendation to put them in the oven at 70 ° C to kill viruses and germs, it has now been found that not all viruses are killed at 70 ° C.

You will be on the safe side, however, if you extensively process the cotton masks with the steam iron. Steam penetrates the tissue and the heat emitted by the iron heats the masks to such an extent that viruses are killed.

Alternatively, the masks can be cleaned with a suitable detergent at 90 degrees the gewasch become. In order not to start a complete washing machine for a few masks you can also use one Pot of water Heat on the stove, add a dash of detergent and add the masks. Then boil for a few minutes, turn off the stove and let it "steep" for about ten minutes. Then rinse well with clean hands and dry.

Dispose of disposable masks (made of cellulose / paper) after use.

Put on and take off mouth-nose masks correctly

Wearing the mouth-nose masks makes sense if they are handled correctly. Nevertheless, the minimum distance of 1,50 meters must be observed and remains one of the most important measures.

  • At best, wash or disinfect hands before putting on
  • Do not touch the inside of the mask
  • Only touch the mask on the outer ends, at best only on the rubbers
  • The mask should fit snugly and cover the mouth and nose throughout.
  • Do not touch and pluck while wearing and do not wear around your neck
  • When removing, only grasp the side cords, do not touch the front and then wash your hands thoroughly
  • Wash mask
  • Change soaked masks immediately