Packing masks in Homburg
The masks are packaged by hand Image: City of Homburg

Homburg: Distribution of mouth-nose protection begins

In the city of Homburg, the distribution of the first copies of mouth-nose protection (MNS) to the population is already beginning. Yesterday, the city administration of Homburg was supplied with a larger amount of protection. The distribution takes place to the households, a collection is not necessary

Mouth and nose protection is currently being bagged in the town hall. During the course of the day, the first parts of the city are supplied and delivered by employees of the city administration or by the local councilors and local representatives as well as other helpers. The distribution is done via the mailboxes. A letter from the mayor and instructions are enclosed with the MNS.

Due to the delivery procedure, the city administration asked not to come to the town hall to ask about mouth-nose protection. The chairperson of the local council or the local representatives do not need to be visited either. They are involved in the distribution of the MNS in the mailboxes, but do not spend them.

At the same time, the population is asked to be patient, as it is not possible to deliver to all districts and streets at the same time. Unfortunately, the lists that had been prepared by Friday had to be partially updated, as the age of the children who have to wear an MNS was reduced from ten to six years. This leads to slight delays.

It is positive that there are a large number of helpers through the local councils, local representatives and city employees who help with delivery. It is still important to comply with the applicable hygiene regulations and the necessary distances when wearing an MNS.

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