Homburg: Syrian artist hands over image with coat of arms

The interpretation of Ayham Najjar
Mayor Forster and Ayham Najjar at the handover Image: Linda Barth / City of Homburg
Ayham Najjar, a Syrian artist, has reinterpreted the Homburg coat of arms.

Ayham Najjar has already made a name for himself as an artist in his native Syria. His father Muhammad is also a well-known Arabic calligrapher and taught his son many things. Ayham Najjar successfully completed a degree in interior design in 2016, shortly after completing his bachelor's thesis he had to flee Aleppo with his wife Sama and then three-year-old son Melad.

The family has found a new home in Homburg - and helpful people who support them, such as Prof. Heinrich Zankl from the “Homburger want to help” association and Katharina Pieper from the Font Culture Foundation, who are happy to help the Najjars.

In August 2019, an exhibition by Najjar entitled “Scripture Art from Syria” took place on Katharina Pieper's premises. This was extremely well attended, as Najjar, Pieper and Zankl recently said when they visited the town hall. The exhibition also included a calligraphy, the Najjar “as a thank you for the fact that I was so well received with my family here in Homburg after fleeing Syria“, Said the 41-year-old, who also gave this picture to the mayor when he visited the town hall.

It shows the Homburg coat of arms with the linden tree, the roots of which consist of Arabic letters, the trunk and the branches are formed by Latin letters. "I want to express that I have Arab roots, from which European and especially German lifelines have developed here in Homburg"Najjar told the mayor.

Forster thanked Najjar and saw the picture "as a symbol of what you have experienced with us. I see that we are hospitable and I am pleased that you were welcomed with open arms in Homburg, a big thank you to Ms. Pieper and Prof. Zankl. I am pleased that you have found a new home in Homburg and are so committed". He promised that the picture would get a worthy place.

The idea for such a picture came from Prof. Zankl, who assured that the implementation was entirely up to the artist. With his association “Homburgers want to help”, Zankl supports many people.

In times of Corona, internet support for children was very well received and important. The State Chancellery honored this tutoring project, the "help to close the gaps in knowledge that have arisen in many children because the schools have been closed for a long time"Says Prof. Zankl, who is also looking forward to a cooperation with the Luitpold School in Erbach.

Further joint projects by Prof. Zankl and Katharina Pieper with artist and interior designer Ayham Najjar are planned in Homburg, even if everyone agreed that the unusual exhibitions and events of the past weeks and months were "a disaster" (Prof. Zankl) for Represent art and culture.

Mayor Forster pledged any support the administration could give in this area.

Picture sources:

  • Homburg coat of arms: Linda Barth / Stadt Homburg