Vacation madness of the federal government

The editor of the Regio-Journal on topics that move him.
The editor of the Regio-Journal on topics that move him.
This failure was announced! The question is slowly being asked whether the federal government has become addicted to the corona madness. Instead of a sensible solution to the legitimate returnee issue, the country is split up and “vacationers” and “stayers at home” incited against each other.

The Robert Koch Institute has been keeping documentation for weeks about the country from which most of the Covid 19 infected people return.

In the last, so-called "Covid-19 management report" of August 25.08.2020, XNUMXSource) the "15 most frequently named countries of infection of the reported COVID-19 cases" in calendar weeks 31 to 34 are named.

Germany is in first place by a massive margin, followed by Kosovo, Croatia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Spain.

To make it clearer, take a look at this table:

Table from RKI bulletin

While 31 people were infected in Germany between week 34 and 9891, probably mainly at private family celebrations, as was often mentioned in the meantime, 2528 people were infected in Kosovo, probably during “family trips” in the same time, 1797 returnees from Croatia, 1590 Turkey - Returnees, 528 returnees from Bosnia, 492 (presumably) infected in Bulgaria and 478 in Spain.

Do not misinterpret these figures: Of course, the travel traffic and the associated test obligation increase the positive results - with a simultaneous reduction in the number of unreported cases.

Nevertheless, the federal government had one task with regard to travel: to ensure that people are consistently informed about risks and are also consistently tested.

What was the result? Large-scale testing of aircraft guests, neglect of bus, train and car travelers.

"Risk area vacationers" are now denigrated, but the fact that a large part of the "favorite vacation areas" of Germans have been declared risk areas is denied.

But instead of providing exactly this decent information and comprehensive testing, the “vacationers” were stigmatized as corona slingshots. Suddenly every holidaymaker was a "party goer" and almost every day some politician, no matter how important or unimportant he might be, a penetrating complainer who wanted to ruin the well-deserved day of rest for every holidaymaker.

At the same time, those politicians incite people among themselves: “How irresponsible are you to go on vacation now?” And so on ... But that's not enough: Meanwhile, the RKI and the Foreign Office are felt to be the “hangman” of the vacation countries. Like Caesar, you raise or lower your thumbs and judge whether holidaymakers can travel without any problems or whether they can only go on holiday with serious obstacles. Our EU partners also notice this type of landlord. For example, when Luxembourg was declared a risk area, the border neighbors reacted rather sniffly. Belgium, for example, has now also reacted and declared some German areas, for example Hamburg and Düsseldorf, to be the “orange zone” with “recommendation of a 14-day quarantine”. Finland, for example, has currently imposed a ban on Germans who want to enter Finland - or who accept a fourteen-day quarantine in advance. Ireland has imposed a 14-day quarantine on German citizens after entry. For Germans traveling to Iceland, a Covid-19 test is due first, followed by a second five days later. In the meantime, quarantine applies.

But back to the test madness of the federal government: Once Health Minister Spahn got the test in motion to avoid the forced quarantine, it quickly became apparent that the laboratories were overwhelmed with the mass of tests. And those who entered by land were still barely checked.

The people who were tested immediately after getting off the plane were tested incorrectly: Any infection shortly before the journey home was too fresh to detect by test. In some cases, the federal states themselves refined and introduced time-shifted tests.

The test chaos was perfect.

But now the new solution is coming: soon, probably after the end of the summer holidays in Baden-Württemberg, ALL those returning to risk areas must first be put into forced quarantine and can be tested after five days at the earliest.

On the one hand, the federal government is admitting that its test strategy for vacationers has so far been a failure. It is still unclear how this mass of people should be controlled.

Maybe the federal government will manage to digitize the paper-block-pen test madness (which, by the way, also failed Markus Söder in Bavaria) until the next batch of vacationers.

Until then, the federal government, with its pathological activism, is not only ruining thousands of people's well-deserved vacation, with which they are also supporting an industry that is on the verge of collapse, but the government itself is completely ruining the travel industry, which has been battered for months - and then again to save with tax money.

Until then, the Covid-19 tests of returning travelers will probably bring money back into the cash register, because no tax money is wasted there. Millions of dollars have already been spent in Saarland for “free paper masks” when the mask requirement was introduced.

With this in mind, dear Federal Government: take a deep breath. Vacationers are not terrorists. Vacationers are not monsters. And vacationers are not all blanket party and corona pigs.