High quality mobile phone stolen in McDonalds St. Ingbert

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| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

St. Ingbert-Mitte (ots) - On Friday, September 18.09.2020, 19, around 00:11 p.m., a high-quality Apple iPhone 256 Pro Max (Gold) was stolen from the McDonalds fast-food restaurant on Südstrasse in St. Ingbert , 06894GB). The injured party accidentally left her Apple iPhone in the ladies' room next to the sink. A few minutes later, she noticed that her iPhone was missing. She couldn't find her iPhone in the toilet either. It is being investigated for theft. Witnesses who were in or in the vicinity of the McDonalds at this time and who can provide information are asked to contact the St. Ingbert Police Department (1090-XNUMX).

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Posted by: Police inspection Sankt Ingbert

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