Hessian European Minister against refugee admission from Moria

Refugee camp, about dts
Refugee camp, about dts
Hesse's Minister of State for European and Federal Affairs, Lucia Puttrich (CDU), has spoken out vehemently against accepting refugees from the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.

“This outbreak of violence by some must not be rewarded. Neither by relocating to other European countries, nor with the duration or the result of the asylum procedure, ”Puttrich told the“ Bild ”(Thursday edition).

And further: "The pictures of the burning refugee camp also make us wonder what causes some people to set fire to their safe accommodation in Europe." The European Union should therefore "ensure as soon as possible that they share responsibility". This includes the increase in Frontex but also the willingness to completely take over the operation of the facilities in accordance with European standards. The EU must therefore "do everything possible to improve the conditions in these institutions," said the CDU politician.

"With regard to European fundamental rights, it is a shame how the refugees are dealt with in the facilities." The CDU member of the Bundestag, Marian Wendt, does not want the refugees affected by the fire to be admitted to Germany. "Anyone who sets fire and attacks fire-fighting teams cannot be brought to Germany," said Wendt of "Bild". The North Rhine-Westphalian Minister for Children, Family, Refugees and Integration, Joachim Stamp (FDP), on the other hand, signaled the willingness to take in refugees: "In addition to medical and humanitarian aid, we are ready to take in 1.000 particularly vulnerable people," he told the " Image".