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Heating oil in the tank - customs uncovered tax evasion on a Belgian tractor

Saarbrücken / Saarlouis (ots) - Customs discovered 1.200 liters of heating oil last Wednesday shortly after midnight on Autobahn 8 near Saarlouis in the fuel tank of a Belgian tractor. Due to the lower tax rate, heating oil must not be used as fuel.

Heating oil is a red colored and labeled fuel that is taxed more cheaply (61,35 euros / 1.000 liters) than diesel fuel (470,40 euros / 1.000 liters). The heating oil with the lower tax rate is however earmarked and may only be used for heating. With the crossing of the border, the German energy tax law applies. However, the operation of tractors with heating oil is also prohibited in Belgium.

The driver paid the energy tax due of around 600 euros on site. Criminal proceedings were also initiated against the Belgian driver on suspicion of tax evasion. A security deposit of 300 euros was retained for the expected punishment.

By the way: heating oil in fuel tanks is not uncommon. In the past six months, the traffic control unit of the main customs office in Saarbrücken in Saarland and southern Rhineland-Palatinate has discovered and taxed a total of 11.000 liters of heating oil in fuel tanks.

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Originally written by: Hauptzollamt Saarbrücken

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