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We - the company and its employees - are firmly connected to the city of Friedrichsthal and its surroundings as well as its inhabitants. The majority of our social and cultural engagement takes place here.
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Regio-Journal is the first print and online magazine based in Friedrichsthal.

We stand by Friedrichsthal and support local associations and voluntary institutions in their marketing.
Regio-Journal is the magazine from Friedrichsthal - for Friedrichsthal.
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Home shopping 2019 in Friedrichsthal

Home shopping Friedrichsthal

17 entrepreneurs for a positive future

At the invitation of Stadtwerke Friedrichsthal, a number of local traders met in the town hall in Friedrichsthal on February 05.02.2019, XNUMX to think about the future of the city of Friedrichsthal, but also the further development of trade, handicrafts and services in Friedrichsthal.

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Participants 2019 (extract)

Home shopping 2018 in Friedrichsthal


What is home shopping in Friedrichsthal?

In 2018, the “Heimat Shoppen” campaign will take place for the first time in Friedrichsthal. The local participants present themselves with their offers and services to the citizens of the city. This is how companies should become visible.

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Shopping at home in pictures - 2018