Healthy into old age

Aging healthy, we have tips
Seniors on the beach
Aging healthy, who doesn't want that? Right now, older people should do everything they can to strengthen their immune systems.

But how can you do this at a time when Corona is more or less captivating us?

Well, it's not that you shouldn't leave the house, on the contrary, you should go out into the fresh air to strengthen your heart and circulation. If you have been doing sport so far, then keep going, because sport is a fountain of youth. Nordic walking is an alternative to jogging. If carried out permanently, it strengthens the heart and circulation and can even protect against cancer and Alzheimer's to a certain extent. The age-related muscle breakdown is also counteracted. Yoga or autogenic training also promote your general well-being and health.

Eat healthy. Avoid finished products that contain a lot of hidden fats and sugars. Better get fresh fruit and vegetables. As a result, you can not only avoid weight gain, but also provide your body with many vitamins and minerals.
Adipose tissue in the abdominal region favors diseases such as diabetes, heart and vascular diseases. The joints are also overloaded by excessive body weight.

Treat yourself to a good fish fillet and limit your meat consumption. Marine animals contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are said to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.

Drink enough liquid. The feeling of thirst subsides in old age. However, you should still drink one and a half to two liters of liquid a day.

Didn't you always want to learn a musical instrument or sing in a choir? Whenever you have the opportunity, use it.
Or learn a foreign language. Mental demands can counteract the breakdown of brain cells in old age.

And the last piece of advice is humor. Laughter is good and keeps you young.