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Happy end to a battery breakdown in the drive-in cinema / Yellow Angels keep broken-down film fans afloat - ADAC: switch off the lights and ventilation in the drive-in cinema

Munich (ots) - Drive-in cinemas are experiencing an unprecedented boom in the corona crisis. But after a show ends, disillusionment often follows, because many cars fail to start after a long film night due to battery problems. The ADAC is responding to this unexpected renaissance and, in cooperation with drive-in cinema operators, is now making street watch drivers available who can quickly bring vehicles that have broken down again after the end of the performance.

Thomas Reynartz, head of ADAC breakdown assistance: “In the past few weeks, we have been called for help several times after the end of a drive-in show. Now, in consultation with the cinema operators, we send street watch drivers to the drive-in cinema towards the end of the film so that we can help our members even faster. ”

The road patrol drivers are available at selected locations - usually at evening events.

The ADAC recommends drive-in cinema visitors to switch off the vehicle electrical system at the ignition lock as far as possible and only leave the car radio on. Lights inside and outside should be switched off, cinema-goers can open the windows to supply fresh air instead of using the ventilation. With older batteries it is advisable to have them checked before going to the drive-in.

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