| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection
| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Arrest warrant for three burglars

Saarbrücken / Gisingen (ots) - Investigators from the burglary division arrested three men yesterday morning (June 17.06.2020, 52) after extensive investigations. They are charged with serious and attempted gang theft, a date to commit a crime and a violation of the Residence Act. After the Saarbrücken public prosecutor applied for an arrest warrant and the investigating judge issued it, the men (41, 19 and XNUMX years old) were taken to the Saarbrücken or Ottweiler prison.

The three suspects had already broken into a house in the Eifel the day before (June 16.06.2020, 17.06.2020). Yesterday morning (June 09, 15), around 52:XNUMX a.m., they crossed the Franco-German border near Gisingen and scouted out residential areas in a silver car. The suspects were arrested as part of the search by alarmed emergency services. The XNUMX-year-old Serb could be clearly identified using a passport that he carried. The two younger men tried to disguise their identity by providing alias details to the police. However, they could be clearly identified using fingerprints.

The detainees are known to the police as burglars. You are strongly suspected of having committed 14 burglaries along the French border in Saarland. The 41-year-old Bosnian and the 19-year-old Serb have already been legally sentenced in Saarland for theft of apartments. A probation sentence against the 19-year-old is still open. All three do not have a residence permit for the Federal Republic of Germany.

During the arrest, the investigators seized mobile phones and possible crime tools. The investigation is ongoing.

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Originally written by: State Police Headquarters Saarland

The text is a press release from the responsible police authority. The text was not edited or changed by our editorial team.

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