Greens want to give themselves diversity statute

The Greens want to adopt a "statute for a diverse party" by amending the statutes.

That reports the "taz". This statute is intended to help 34 years after the adoption of the status of women to position the party more diversely at other levels.

“Many social groups are still underrepresented and need an audible voice, even in politics. This requirement also applies to us as a party, ”said Green Party leader Robert Habeck of“ taz ”. It is about “critically questioning one's own structures and designing them in such a way that no one is related to gender, a racist, anti-Semitic or anti-Gypsy attribution, religion and belief, a disability or illness, age, language, sexual Orientation or gender identity, social status, origin or any other attribution is discriminated, ”says the statute. The aim is to depict the "diverse perspectives of the whole society" in the party, discriminated groups should be represented at all levels "at least according to their social share". As the newspaper reports, among other things, a diversity council is to be set up and the composition of the officials in the Greens is to be evaluated. The women’s statute is “a milestone for the Greens and continues to shape us today,” said Gesine Agena, who was a member of the Greens federal executive board and co-author of the diversity statute until 2019. With this one is now taking a “big next step in party development”. However, a binding minimum quota, as stipulated in the women's statute, is not initially planned. On the basis of the proposal of the AG Diversity set up a year ago, the Federal Executive Board will propose an amendment to the Articles of Association at the party conference in November.

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