Green youth on a course of confrontation with the party leadership

The Green Youth goes on a confrontational course to the economic policy of the party leadership around Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck.

The youth organization rejects the commitment of the Greens leadership to economic growth outright, as it emerges from the amendments of the Green Youth for the basic program, on which the Greens want to vote at their virtual party congress next weekend, reports the "editorial network Germany". The draft program says: "Economic growth is not the problem per se, the associated consumption of natural resources is."

The Green Youth, however, calls for this passage to be deleted. "It is becoming increasingly clear that the laws of the market are not able to solve the crises of our time," said the Green Youth co-chairman Georg Kurz of the "editorial network Germany". "With the logic of our economic activity up to now, we will neither get a grip on the increasing inequality caused by Corona nor the destruction of our livelihoods - the need for growth and profit maximization are not the answer to these crises, but their causes," said Kurz. The Green Youth advocate an economy that puts human needs and natural resources above profits.

"That is why many of our amendments aim to break the logic of the market where we cannot afford people to simply fall behind - for example in education," said Kurz. The Green Youth calls for the deletion of a passage from the basic program that emphasizes the value of education for Germany's economic future. Their counter-proposal reads: "Education is a fundamental right and must be separated from economic usability." In addition, there is conflict between the youth of the party and the party leadership in the area of ​​internal security. While the top defines the police as the guarantor of internal security, the young people are calling for greater control of the security authorities and clearer limits on their powers.

"Even the best-trained police can only fight the symptoms of social conflicts, but not solve their causes," said Kurz. The Greens will meet on Friday for a three-day party conference that will take place exclusively online. The party wants to adopt its new basic program. The current guidelines of the Greens date back to 2002.