A big fighter's heart is rewarded with a point

News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied
News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied

On Sunday our 1st team went to SV Mettlach, which was still unbeaten this season.

Coach Thomas Bettinger had to change the defense. Robin Gehring played for the injured Marc Maurer from the start. Qui Various got off to an optimal start on the large and deep grass pitch. Mirco Zavaglia captured the ball against the hosts' back team about 3 meters in front of the goal in the 25rd minute. Matthias Krauss took over the ball and played to Luca Lambert. This kept the overview in front of the gate and again placed across to Krauss, who executed the ice cold to 1-0 for the Wambe. Mettlach had to shake himself briefly, tried to equalize the early deficit. But apart from a free kick from 17 meters that landed in the wall, the SVM had no chance to record so far.

The guests, however, looked more dangerous: In the 18th minute, Steven Kuntz threw Zavaglia. The lengthened and then Krauss pulled over to the right coming towards the gate and hit the outer post with his end.

After 20 minutes there was a moment of shock for quivering. After a difficult pass into his own back team, a Mettlach player ran onto the ball full of energy. Johannes Reichrath came a little too late and hit the opponent in the face with his high foot. Referee David Estes then pulled out the red card. A tough decision, the Wambe now had to play 70 minutes outnumbered.

But Quiersche remained dangerous with the offensively very strong Zavaglia, Krauss and Julian Fernsner. In the 34th minute, Krauss appeared alone in front of keeper Damir Becker, but the Mettlach goalkeeper held strong against Meddy. Mettlach also had two good options. Once Benny Schmitt saved brilliantly in 1 on 1 and shortly before the break, a header from Felix Klemmer just missed. With the narrow 1-0 lead for Quiigart it went into the half-time break.

Mettlach pushed the guests deep into their own half after the restart. Quiigart had to make a lot of running effort, but skillfully closed the rooms so that the SVM could hardly get through to the box. However, there were numerous corner kicks, which defended the Wambe very well. In the 58th minute the second goal for Spvgg. Julian Fernsner played for Meddy Krauss. This pulled over to the right towards the goal, was faster on the ball than the rushing Damir Becker and turned from the tightest angle to 2-0! A great campaign from Krauss.

Qui Schwier came a bit closer to the three, but still had to throw everything in to defend the permanent attacks. Mettlach, however, gritted his teeth on the comb, which almost led to the decision. Krauss crossed from the right into the room, Zavaglia came as a surprise to the header and put the cross a few centimeters past the goal. Julian Fernsner outwitted goalkeeper Becker by a hair in the 65th minute when he aimed from the center line, but the Mettlach goalkeeper stretched out and scraped the leather out.

In the 75th minute, Mettlach came back. After a corner from the right side Patrick Abrusnikow came powerfully to the header and reduced it to 2: 1. It was now clear that Mettlach was trying everything to turn the game around. The Wambe were slowly running out of strength, especially the offensive series had to pay tribute to the high effort in the first 60 minutes. The equalizer came in the 85th minute: Felix Klemmer hit the right corner after a nice individual performance. The home team wanted to win now. And had two huge options. In the last minute, for example, when Benny Schmitt saved his team the point with a last-ditch parade.

And it was deserved, thanks to the strong, combative appearance. Who knows how the game would have turned out 11 against 11, because Quiigart played a very strong ball in the first section and was almost impossible to get a grip on offensively. But with the point from a very good opponent - who also showed great morale - the Wambe can live well.

On Wednesday the cup will go to Friedrichsthal (19:00 p.m. - more information will follow) and on Saturday VfL Primstal will come to Quiigart (16:00 p.m.). Advance sales for the next home game start this Monday (every day at 16 p.m. in the club home).


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