Great fight will be rewarded this time

News from Spvgg Quierschied 2
News from Spvgg Quierschied 2

On the twelfth matchday of the Landesliga Süd, our second team competed with the title contender and top team SV Auersmacher 2. After the highly unfortunate loss to the league leaders a week earlier, they wanted to continue their strong performance and demand everything from the hosts.

Since the roles were clearly divided before the game, it was clear that the "Zwädd" would mainly focus on defending. In addition, there were further injuries due to injuries last week. The wambe did an excellent job for the first 35 minutes. Adhered to the tactical plan, restricted the space in their own half and thus did not allow a single shot by the hosts over half an hour. After Manuel Niebergall had won the ball, the ball landed over Felix Stuppy at Jonas Fernsner, who was able to complete the 0: 1 goal in front of the goal (29th minute). Then Auersmacher got stronger and had a cross in the 40th minute after a free kick.

With the second half kicked off, there was a direct chance to increase to 0-2 after a goalkeeper mistake, but the goalkeeper was able to iron out his mistake again. In the second half, the host became significantly stronger. The "Zwädd", however, opposed everything it had. Nevertheless, you cannot defend everything against a top team in the league and so the SVA came to 2 or 3 chances that could have ended up in goal with a little more luck. In the 82nd minute Leonardo Testa and his opponent saw the red card. Until the final whistle, every player got everything out of themselves and so it remained at 0: 1.

A powerful, combative performance of the "Zwädd". In contrast to the matches against the other two top teams, Walpershofen and Kleinblitterdorf, this time the lucky one was on his side and could not score undeservedly. This setting has to be shown in every game. Point wins against the league's top teams are important for morale, but bonus points remain and the really important points must be fetched against the direct competitors. You should start in St. Arnual next week.


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press report written by Spvgg Quierschied: Jan-Erik Schlicker