Grenell calls coverage of Trump "ridiculous"

Donald Trump, about dts
Donald Trump, about dts
Ex-US Ambassador Richard Grenell has sharply criticized the media coverage of the state of health of US President Donald Trump.

“The media don't know everything either. There is a lot of speculation going on. The media should get in first. There are just certain things that they will not find out, "said Grenell in the" Bild "show" The Right Questions ".

The media would like to have the reins of the story in hand. “You want to have your thumb on everything. You have cited anonymous sources, you cite alleged sources from the White House. They then put all possible interpretations on this scant information, ”Grenell continues. Instead, you should just watch Trump's videos. “Trump was very open, very honest about his condition. There's no secrecy whatsoever, ”Grenell said.

The media do not like that Trump creates transparency with his videos: "If there are no videos of Trump, we would have to rely on the speculation of the media." The media loved this power. "It's ridiculous to see the media trying to recapture the power they lost," Grenell said.