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Years of partnership ...

Regio-Journal & Gigaset have been working together trustingly for more than seven years. The partnership began when owner Tobias Altherr, then still working in the IT business under the name “Factory Works”, became a Gigaset business partner and officially appeared as a Gigaset dealer. Since that time in 2012, a partner eight has developed on an equal footing that goes far beyond the sale of “Gigaset products”.

With our technology blog we became a product tester, showed ways to improve the product and have a huge pool of technical knowledge about Gigaset products. This includes not only the product "landline phone", but in particular the smart home series and the smarthones, which now have the title "Made in Germany" - like the landline phones that are produced at the Bocholt location.

In the meantime, our pool of test reports, specialist articles, company information and instructions continues to grow in the "Regio-Journal" and we are already looking forward to the future together.