Successful start! 3-0 against Neunkirchen

News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied
News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied

On Wednesday evening it was finally that time again. At last it was all about points on the sports field at Franzenhaus, and finally many soccer fans met again - to support the Wambe together. After 6 months without "real" football (ignoring the professional leagues), you noticed how many fans were longing for their sports field activities. Our Spvgg. Was allowed to offer 300 tickets against Borussia from Neunkirchen, all tickets were sold at 18:45 pm. A good 90 spectators kept their fingers crossed for the guests from Neunkirchen.

New coach Thomas Bettinger wasn't exactly spoiled for choice in terms of line-up for the first game. Because the personnel situation was still very tense due to many failures and did not improve on Wednesday! With Luca Lambert, an 18-year-old talent from their own A youth made their debut in the starting eleven, and two newcomers began with Johannes Hell and Matthias Krauss.

Neunkirchen set a scent mark on the last weekend of friendly matches (2-0 win at upper division Salmrohr), and guest coach Björn Klos expressed ambitious goals before the first match game. Accordingly, the Wambe knew what to expect.

The guests from Neunkirchen also got off to a promising start, had a clear structure in the game and were pushing forward. But Quiersche was well organized and initially allowed little apart from a few standard situations. The Bundesliga club from the 60s had the first big chance after 17 minutes. Tim Clullmann withdrew from the back room with a real bullet, but keeper Benny Schmitt directed the shot to the post with an insane act. In the 20th minute our Spvgg. Came dangerously forward for the first time - and the doorbell rang in goalkeeper Philippe Persch's box. Julian Fernser played the ball to Lukas Grünbeck, who moved quickly over to the right in the direction of the goal and placed perfectly across to Lars Kaula who was running along. "Kauli" pushed the ball over the line, 1-0 for Quiigart!

4 minutes later the Wambe needed their goalkeeper again. Again Benny Schmitt saved strongly from the Nyger Hunter approaching him. After just 30 minutes, Borussia had to play outnumbered. Hunter looked over-motivated, had already had a few fouls and saw the traffic light card too early. Many guests did not agree with the expulsion, for referee Matthias Edrich it was the sum of fouls in the end that caused the yellow-red card. Qui Various was still doing well - and was dangerous going forward. And consistently! In the 34th minute, Hell matched Krauss. The newcomer from Dillingen prevailed in the running duel and, similar to the goal before, placed across Kaula. He put the ball back into the mesh, 2-0!

In the 38th minute, guest player Julian Flammann saw the yellow card after a very tough entry against Krauss at the center line. Only 5 minutes later Flammann fouled hard again, the logical consequence was the yellow-red card. Neunkirchen only nine. With the 2-0 lead of the home team, the sides were changed.

For the second section, Qui Schwier made up his mind to stay focused and on no account be careless. At the beginning, the Wambe had everything under control and the best opportunities to close the sack early on. In the 47th minute Krauss appeared alone in front of goalkeeper Persch, but he parried strongly. In the 52nd minute Kaula came over the left in front of the goal, again Persch prevented the third Quierschieder hit. In the 65th minute Fernsner played to Hell, but again the Neunkircher keeper was there. Borussia acted with 2 men less, but they were compact with two back four to prevent worse. Here and there the toilet elf even came dangerously forward and did not let itself down.

In the 76th minute there was a downer on Quierschieder's side. Meddy Krauss lost a ball in front, but went straight to it. At the center line he wanted to slow down the opponent with a tactical foul. But he hit the opponent in the running duel on the leg, so that referee Edrich immediately pulled out the red card. The dismissal was tough, but Edrich remained true to his line - also because of the two field references in the first section.

But in the 79th minute there was again reason to cheer. Substitute Jens Lorang failed because of Persch, the rebound flew in front of Julian Fernsner's feet and "Jule" made it 3-0. As in the previous year, Qui Various won against Neunkirchen at the start.

On Wednesday, luck was on Quierschieder's side, against Borussia from Neunkirchen, who were strong in the first 25 minutes. But our team earned their first win of the season thanks to a disciplined and well-organized performance. The personnel situation has worsened after the red card, but this did not detract from the joy of the home win and the anticipation of the derby in Kaltnaggisch on Wednesday.

Great joy after the first three! Photo: Willi Jost.

Unfortunately, there are only 30 tickets available for the away game on Sunday. Therefore, the Spvgg fans please note the information on ticket allocation in the following report:

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