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Dangerous overtaking maneuver with near-leg accident between Albig and Alzey OT Heimersheim - injured and witnesses wanted!

Alzey (ots) - In the afternoon of 05.05.2020, there was a road traffic hazard on the K7 between the two towns of Albig and Alzey OT Heimersheim. According to witnesses, a striking red-metallic-colored Audi, type RS3 coming from Albig in the direction of travel Alzey-Heimersheim overtook a car driving ahead in a curve that was not visible. In the course of this overtaking process, a black car (presumably Opel Type Astra) came into play, which had to slow down sharply to prevent a collision with the overtaking Audi Type RS3, and had to switch to the right with half the vehicle width to the right. The driver of the oncoming vehicle and possible eyewitnesses are asked to report to the police inspection in Alzey (Kaiserstraße 32/55232 Alzey - phone: 06731-9110).

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Originally written by: Police inspection Alzey

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