For more order and fairness on the job market: Customs inspect waste management nationwide

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Saarbrücken / Kaiserslautern / Landau (ots) - On November 2.200, 10, around 2020 customs officers from the financial control of undeclared work (FKS) checked companies and employees in waste management, including street cleaning and winter services, in a nationwide focus test. The special focus of customs was on recycling companies, waste disposal companies, container services, used clothing and car recyclers, and scrap dealers.

Nationwide result:

The customs officers questioned around 6.800 people about their employment relationships and checked business documents in almost 500 companies.

The officers initiated 40 criminal proceedings on site, in particular because of the withholding of social security contributions and illegal residence. Furthermore, twelve administrative offense proceedings were initiated due to violations of minimum wages / working conditions and missing records / documents.

In a total of 985 cases, further clarifications of the facts are required by the VCS because there are indications of irregularities. The exams have not yet been completed.

Regional result of the main customs office Saarbrücken:

The main customs office in Saarbrücken took part in these controls with 54 colleagues who carried out the checks in Saarland and southern Rhineland-Palatinate.

In 52 cases, further checks are necessary because suspicious facts arose during the controls. These include, for example:

- 19 x minimum wage violations
- 11 x abuse of social security (§ 266 a StGB: withheld and
Embezzlement of wages)
- 8 x abuse of performance
- 8 x foreign employment In addition to checking compliance with obligations under social security law, the unlawful receipt of social benefits and illegal employment, special attention was paid to the issue of the minimum wage in this focus check. The employees employed in waste management including street cleaning and winter services currently receive an industry-specific wage of at least 10,25 euros per hour.

Extra information:

The financial control of undeclared work of the customs administration regularly carries out national as well as regional focus audits throughout the year with increased personnel deployment in order to maintain the special preventive character of a high number of audits in certain industries, which is an important instrument in combating undeclared work, especially for reducing social acceptance of undeclared work and illegal employment.

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Originally written by: Main customs office in Saarbrücken

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