Fuel prices rise / diesel by 0
Fuel prices rise / diesel by 0

Fuel prices rise / diesel by 0,5 cents more expensive, Super E10 by 0,3 cents

Munich (ots) - There was a slight increase in fuel prices this week. The ADAC determines a nationwide average of 10 euros for a liter of Super E1,253. This corresponds to an increase of 0,3 cents compared to the previous week. One liter of diesel is at 1,090 euros and thus increases by 0,5 cents in the comparison period.

This price increase for consumers at the petrol stations contrasts with a favorable development of crude oil prices and dollar exchange rates. The crude oil price is very important for the development of fuel prices. A barrel of the Brent variety currently costs around $ 43, around $ 1,17 less than last week. At the same time, the euro is stronger than it has been for two years, climbing to over $ XNUMX.

The ADAC recommends that motorists always compare fuel prices before refueling. If you use the sometimes considerable price differences between different petrol stations and times of the day, you can save a lot of money. It also strengthens competition between providers and indirectly ensures a moderate price level.

According to ADAC, refueling is usually cheapest between 18 p.m. and 22 p.m. The “ADAC Spritpreise” smartphone app offers uncomplicated and quick help. Detailed information on the fuel market and current prices are also available at www.adac.de/tanken (http://www.adac.de/tanken).

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