SV Friedrichsthal vs. WSV Ludwigshafen 3rd
SV Friedrichsthal vs. WSV Ludwigshafen 3rd

Friedrichsthal water polo players struggle to victory

On January 26.01, the Friedrichsthal water polo players struggled to win the WSV Ludwigshafen III by 17:14. In a less than convincing game, the bottom line is victory.

For the first time in over a year, the Friedrichsthal water polo players had to get by in a game without player coach Andrzej Szczurkiewicz. At the same time, Paul Kintzel and Fabian Abel were also missing. Very bad conditions for a successful match.

Nevertheless, the guys from SVF made a strong start to the game and took a clear 7-2 lead at home in the first phase of the game.

However, in the second phase of the game, the game tipped in an unthinkable direction at this point because the home side lost all of the game ideas in one fell swoop. The game became more open, many small mistakes crept in and luck was suddenly with the opponent. At the same time, the Friedrichsthaler no longer managed to take advantage of their own chances, so it was halfway through with a narrow 9: 8 lead. But even after that the Friedrichsthalers were no longer able to take the scepter in hand and the open exchange of blows continued in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

From the sometimes unconvincing game you should take the performance of the first quarter with you into the difficult game next Friday (02.02.18) against Kaiserslauterer SK and continue without a slump in the second section.

The following played: Manuel Christmann (goal), Marius Schönberger, Yannis Künstle (1 goal / 0 exclusion error), Pascal Hinz (1/1), Nick Bärtschi (3/1), Markus Lambert (0/1), Holger Huber, Stephan Groß, Oliver Krause, Lukas Mathieu (2/0), Thomas Pink (1/0), Maximilian Simonett (3/1) and Tobias Bauer (6/1).

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  • SV Friedrichsthal vs. Ludwigshafen: Lukas Mathieu