Friedrichsthal water polo player
Friedrichsthal water polo player, ©: Lukas Mathieu

Friedrichsthal water polo player with victory for the 80th anniversary of the club

The SVF team started the new season and celebrated their 10th anniversary with a 5: 80 win against SV Neunkirchen.

The hosts competed under strong surveillance by Saarland Radio cameras and, after good preparation, had made a lot of plans for the game with the tournaments in Gemmingen (2nd place) and Friedrichsthal (3rd and 4th place). Accordingly, the Friedrichsthaler started and took the lead with 12: 1 after just 0 seconds. While this concentration in defense was maintained almost throughout the game - there was no goal until the 12th minute - it was largely lacking in goal completion. Pascal Hinz increased in number to 2: 0, but a significantly higher result should have been on the scoreboard. At first, the exploitation of opportunities improved with the degrees of Tobias Bauer, Yannis Künstle and Lukas Mathieu, but subsequently got worse again. Due to the lack of goals, Neunkirchen smelled some morning air after two goals in a row and the intermediate score of 2: 5. Since Friedrichsthal lacked a bit of calm in his own game, the result initially remained scarce. After the 6-2 lead by Maximilian Simonett, the SVN came again to three goals. Only after the goals of the veteran Szczurkiewicz and Pink on the side of the SVF did the game again run in completely calm waters. The best chances like a penalty throw by the hosts were missed, but due to the concentrated work in the defense, Neunkirchen could not reach them.

So there was a safe and confident 10: 5 victory, which should have been significantly higher. Therefore, in the next few weeks, it is particularly important to work on the goal finish in order to also be able to survive against the next opponent, the SSV Trier.


The following played: Paul Kintzel (T), Manuel Christmann, Yannis Künstle (1 goal / 0 exclusion error), Pascal Hinz (1/1), Nick Bärtschi, Oliver Krause, Andrzej Szczurkiewicz (2/0), Stephan Groß, Niko Basters, Lukas Mathieu ( 2/0), Thomas Pink (1/0), Maximilian Simonett (1/0) and Tobias Bauer (2/1).

Text: Lukas Mathieu

Picture sources:

  • Friedrichsthal water polo player: ©: Lukas Mathieu