Tobias Bauer at the Center | Image: Lukas Mathieu
Tobias Bauer at the Center | Image: Lukas Mathieu

Friedrichsthal water polo players win cup final

The SVF wins the thriller in the final of the Rhineland-Palatinate / Saar Cup against the second team of the WSV Ludwigshafen with 15:13.

The SVF wins the thriller in the final of the Rhineland-Palatinate / Saar Cup against the second team of the WSV Ludwigshafen with 15:13.

After the WSV Ludwigshafen had already played in the semi-finals in Kaiserslautern on Wednesday and won 16: 9 against the KSK, it was clear that the Palatinate in Saarland wanted to win the cup. The WSV team competed accordingly: Several players from the second division team were in the squad. The SVF, on the other hand, lacked lefties and regulars Maximilian Simonett due to vacation.

In a swim-intensive game, the Friedrichsthalers first achieved visual advantages and created some opportunities, of which Pascal Hinz used one to lead the 1-0. But Friedrichsthal could not break away. Ludwigshafen equalized through the always dangerous Spaniard Amedeo Ceruti before Lukas Mathieu and Pascal Hinz again took the lead. The first break started with a narrow 3-2 lead. After the equalization again in the second quarter, Friedrichsthal managed to take the lead through Thomas Pink and even increased it to 5: 3, but the WSV equalized again until the break. From the Friedrichsthal perspective, the Palatinate even followed the first 5: 6 lead after the change of sides. Now it was the other way around, the Saarlanders, who were not put off by the backlog. At first some chances were missed, but Andrzej Szczurkiewicz finally equalized and Tobias Bauer contributed a double pack to the narrow lead of 8: 7 to the last break. From this the SVFler started particularly strong and drew to 10: 7 and were awarded a penalty at this score. However, this remained unused and Ludwigshafen continued to fight, which was rewarded with the equalization three and a half minutes before the end of the game. At the latest now, the final had become a classy and competitive, but never unfair duel. Tobias Bauer achieved the renewed leadership, which the Friedrichsthaler no longer gave up. Ludwigshafen always came up against a goal, but could not equalize due to the goals of Markus Lambert, Tobias Bauer, Yannis Künstle and Pascal Hinz. Especially in the final phase, the WSV players had to act aggressively in their cover in order to be able to approach again at 21:12 14 seconds before the end. This was achieved 12 seconds before the end of Tom Sieger with a precise long-range shot to 13:14. But the Friedrichsthalers reacted ice cold to the early pressing of the guests, when Pascal Hinz scored the goal of 15:13 with his fifth goal a second before the end of the game.

In front of an impressive crowd of spectators, which included not only media representatives, but also Mayor Rolf Schultheis, the Friedrichsthalers secured the first cup victory in club history against a strong opponent from Ludwigshafen after the first championship.

With this success in their luggage, they went to Worms on Sunday, where the Friedrichsthaler did not find their way into the game at all and in the meantime were swimming 1: 3 behind. Until the first break, however, they equalized to 3: 3 and pulled away to 9: 5 at halftime. At no point in the game, however, did the Friedrichsthalers use their usual strengths in defense, which on the one hand resulted in Worms coming back to 8:10 and the final score of 12 goals conceded in the league for Friedrichsthal . After the 19:12 victory, the Friedrichsthalers will play their last game of the season against the third team of SC Neustadt next Friday.

The following played:

against Ludwigshafen: Manuel Christmann (T), Stefan Schmidt, Yannis Künstle (1 goal / 0 exclusion error), Pascal Hinz (5/2), Markus Lambert (1/0), Oliver Krause, Andrzej Szczurkiewicz (2/1), Niko Basters, Frank Spinner, Lukas Mathieu (1/1), Thomas Pink (1/2), Lucas Blechschmidt and Tobias Bauer (4/0).

Against Worms: Manuel Christmann (T), Holger Huber, Yannis Künstle (2/0), Pascal Hinz (5/2), Markus Lambert (0/3), Andrzej Szczurkiewicz (1/1), Niko Basters (0/1 ), Lucas Blechschmidt, Lukas Mathieu (2/0), Stefan Schmidt and Tobias Bauer (9/0).

Picture sources:

  • Tobias Bauer in the center: Lukas Mathieu