Saar Derby SV Friedrichsthaler - SV Neunkirchen
Saar Derby, Image: Lukas Matthieu

Friedrichsthal water polo players win against Neunkirchen and Neustadt

SV Friedrichsthal's water polo players are currently starting a “mini-series”: after the clear victory in the Saar derby against SV Neunkirchen, the Friedrichsthalers were now able to clearly defeat SC Neustadt III.

SVF is a strong third in the Saar derby

Due to illness, the Saar derby between SV Friedrichsthal and SV Neunkirchen had to be postponed to March 08.03.2018th, 22.2: The Neunkircher water polo players do not start the planned game.

For the Friedrichsthaler "reparation" in the lackey in Neunkirchen was on the program: After the defeat against series master Neustadt II they wanted to show in the Saar derby that this game was a slip.

With a strong offensive game, you put Neunkirchen under pressure from the very first minute and went 2-0 early. Neunkirchen tried to slow down the storm run of the Friedrichsthaler with a quiet style of play. This worked well in the first two thirds. The last third started with a 5: 7 lead for the SVF. Then the Friedrichsthal water polo players showed their class and played the Neunkirchers literally "out of the water": With an overpowering game and dangerous counterattacks, they expanded the result to the later 8:17 final result for the SVF.

Nevertheless, it must be noted that the Friedrichsthal water polo players only knew how to convince in the last third.

The following played: Paul Kintzel (T), Manuel Christmann, Yannis Künstle (2 goals / 0 exclusion errors), Holger Huber, Nick Bärtschi (3/1), Markus Lambert (1/1), Andrzej Szczurkiewicz (2/0), Olver Krause (0 / 1), Nico Basters (0/2), Lukas Mathieu (3/0; K), Thomas Pink (1/1), Maximilian Simonett (1/0) and Tobias Bauer (4/0).

SVF clearly beat Neustadt III

Hall SV Neustadt
Halle SV Neustadt, picture: Lukas Matthieu

In the game of March 10.03.2018, 19, SV Friedrichsthal and the third team of SC Neustadt faced each other. The first leg won the Friedrichstahl team clearly 3: XNUMX. The SC Neustadt III, however, came with an increased youth team. Therefore, this result should not be overestimated. You have already shown that SC Neustadt III are strong at home against SSV Trier and WSV Ludwigshafen: Both of them traveled home without points.

In the first few minutes, the Friedrichsthal water polo players had problems getting the balls into the opponent's goal: the chances were poor. Only at the end of the first third was the SVF able to break away 1: 5. Neustadt shortened to 4: 7, but were able to calm the game and create clear conditions through goals from Künstle, Mathieu, Simonett and Sczurkiewicz. The game ended with a clear 6:13 for SV Friedrichsthal.

Nevertheless, the young Neustadt players fought hard until the end for their chances. Because of the better team performance of the Friedrichsthaler, the victory is deserved.
You still have to complain about the poor scoring: The SVF rarely rewards itself for its high effort.
This needs to be improved next Friday because the second team of SC Neustadt is coming to Friedrichsthal. In order to survive against the series master, higher marksmanship is required.

The following played: Paul Kintzel (T), Manuel Christmann (1 goal / 1 exclusion error), Yannis Künstle (1/0), Holger Huber, Nick Bärtschi (1/1), Stephan Groß (0/1), Andrzej Sczurkiewicz (2/0) , Oliver Krause (0/1), Niko Basters, Lukas Mathieu (3/1; K), Rüdiger Schmadel (1/0), Maximilian Simonett (2/1) and Tobias Bauer (2/1).

Picture sources:

  • SCN III - SVF: Lukas Matthieu
  • SVN - SVF: Lukas Matthieu