SVF 1 - New Year's tournament 2018
SVF 1 - New Year's tournament 2018, image: SV Friedrichsthal

Friedrichsthal water polo player started the year successfully

SV Friedrichsthal took second place at the New Year's tournament in Kaiserslautern as last year. The second team registered for the first time was seventh.

SVF II New Year's tournament 2018
SVF II New Year's tournament 2018, image: SV Friedrichsthal

Since the University of Karlsruhe had to cancel their participation in the New Year's tournament of Kaiserslauterer SK at short notice, there was the opportunity to start with a "second team". The women required for the special game mode could be “borrowed” from another team.

Unfortunately, the lottery luck did not become a friend of the second team of the SVF, as almost exclusively tournament contenders were drawn as opponents in the group, so that despite the good performances of the players, only the seventh place was the result.

More luck for the first

Things went better for the first guard of SV Friedrichsthal, who had to eliminate a heavyweight of the tournament with Ingolstadt. The SV Friedrichsthal managed this as brilliantly as last year, so that the final game between the Friedrichsthalers and the Stolberger SV took place. After an early, clear deficit, SV Friedrichsthal was no longer able to turn the game. So Stolberg won the tournament and the first team of SV Friedrichsthal had to be satisfied with a good second place.

Detailed match report:

Games from SV Friedrichsthal II

In group A, KSK I, Stolberger SV and second division Bietigheim were otherwise only contenders for the tournament victory. Nevertheless, the Friedrichsthalers sold particularly well (3: 5) in the encounter with the host and later group winner Kaiserslautern, showed numerous good approaches against Stolberg (4:12) and only had to suffer a high defeat against Bietigheim (1:14) however, it was also due to a lack of final luck.

So it went in the intermediate round against the first of Group B, the first team of the SVF, who won 10: 4 in a friendly game. On Sunday, the team was still unsuccessful after the lower semi-finals, although the performance against WSV Ludwigshafen was impressive and they had led into the second half of the game (4: 7). In the subsequent game for seventh place, however, the SVF team fought for a deserved and ultimately sovereign victory against the second team of Kaiserslautern SK (5: 3).

Games from SV Friedrichsthal I

The first team of SV Friedrichsthal, who met WC Ingolstadt, WSV Ludwigshafen and the second team of KSK, had more luck. The strongest was certainly Ingolstadt, who have won the tournament twice since 2013. As in the previous year, an exciting game developed in which the SVF players were always able to present, but Ingolstadt kept compensating until 4: 4, until Tobias Bauer and Nick Bärtschi made the sack (6: 4). Against WSV Ludwigshafen, who started without a second division player on Saturdays this year, as well as against KSK II, there was a safe victory (6: 1 and 11: 3).

After beating their own second team, SV Bietigheim, who had moved up to the second division last season, was waiting in the semi-finals on Sunday - just like last year. The lead changed several times in a game that was hard to beat, with no team really being able to pull away. After 5: 3 for Friedrichsthal, Bietigheim equalized and even led. But the SVF knew an answer to both this and the renewed lead and came - again like last year - into the 5-meter throw. Despite the absence of regular goalkeeper Paul Kintzel, the SVF team were able to count on Fabian Abel in the goal, who parried the third throw of the opponents and thus secured the victory.

Unfortunately, the final had something new as well as something familiar from the previous year: This time the opponent was Stolberger SV and not Kaiserslautern SK I, but the game was lost after a much too early deficit and 1-1 break. When the Friedrichsthalers were 1: 4 behind, the goal of 2: 4 was achieved within two attacks and the SVF was awarded a penalty which would have meant the connection goal. However, after this was awarded, the SVF team met twice against the cleverly defending Stolberg Aluminum and had to give up 2: 4. A big thank you goes to all the women who played in both teams and the Kaiserslauterer SK for the great tournament again!

The following played:

SVF I: Manuel Christmann (Saturday goal), Fabian Abel (Sunday goal), Yannis Künstle (2 goals), Pascal Hinz (2), Nick Bärtschi (6), Andrzej Szczurkiewicz (3), Elise Guerraichi-Lamotte (1), Tassja Buchheit (3), Lukas Mathieu (4), Sabrina Krüger, Maximilian Simonett (5) and Tobias Bauer (18).

SVF II: Sarah Bauer (goal), Manuel Christmann (3), Thomas Pink (8), Lucas Blechschmidt, Markus

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