Team photo
Team photo, Image: Lukas Mathieu

Friedrichsthal water polo players defeat runner-up

The water polo players from SV Friedrichsthal defeat the team from Ludwigshafen (Ludwigshafen II) 9: 3. This is the fourth win in a row. During the game, SV Friedrichsthal was able to draw on the full: they competed in the best line-up.

The Palatinate started the game well

In contrast to the home side, the Ludwigshafen team began concentrated: While the SVF had to struggle with their old problem of exploiting opportunities, the defeated Ludwigshafen team quickly took the lead with 0: 2.

Nevertheless, the Friedrichsthalers remained calm and stabilized. The marksmanship also increased so that Pacal Hinz and Tobias Bauer were able to equalize the score before the first break.

Friedrichsthal remains weak

Even after the break, Friedrichsthal had more of the game, but was still unable to take advantage of the chances created. And so the home team had to lag behind again, which Nick Bärtschi was able to equalize again shortly before the break.

Change of sides as a can opener

After the change of sides, Friedrichsthal finally managed to break away. Almost impeccable defense and goals by Maximilian Simonett, Andrzej Szczurkiewicz and Tobias Bauer resulted in a 6: 3 lead before the last break. In the fourth quarter, the SVF team initially continued like this and extended their lead up to 9: 3 through Oliver Krause, before in the final minutes the streak crept in again and a number of opportunities were missed.

Ultimately, Friedrichsthal won the game clearly and earned 9: 3. Nevertheless, the exploitation of opportunities is a shortcoming. Especially with top opponents, the degrees have to be searched more effectively in order to reward themselves for the effort.

And so SV Friedrichsthal continues to greet from 1st place in the league.

The following played: Paul Kintzel (T), Holger Huber (0 goals / 1 exclusion error), Yannis Künstle (1/1), Pascal Hinz (1/0), Nick Bärtschi (2/0), Oliver Krause (1/0), Andrzej Szczurkiewicz ( 1/0), Rüdiger Schmadel, Nico Basters, Lukas Mathieu, Thomas Pink, Maximilian Simonett (1/1) and Tobias Bauer (2/1).

Picture sources:

  • Team photo SV Friedrichsthal: Lukas Mathieu