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News from Spvgg Quierschied 2
News from Spvgg Quierschied 2

After the last, especially combative, appearances against the two top teams from Kleinblitterdorf and Auersmacher, our second team had to travel to FC St. Arnual for the second consecutive away game. Even in earlier district league times, these were highly competitive duels and so everyone knew that you had to go to the limit again.

The "Zwädd" came into the game well, had the first 15 minutes more possession, but without getting dangerously in front of the goal. After that, the host got stronger and had a big chance after 27 minutes, but it was blocked at the last moment. Only six minutes later the second team had their first 100 percent. Player coach Yannik Eiler put a cross from Julian Fernsner just past the goal. After that, the Wambe had other high-caliber figures in the person of Manuel Dillenburger (35th) and twice Julian Fernsner (37th and 44th), who however did not find their way into the goal. The hosts had a shot in the 40th minute. So there was a goalless break.

The "Zwädd" was showered cold right at the beginning of the second half when St. Arnual surprisingly took the lead 51-1 in the 0st minute. Five minutes later, Fabian Wiest stopped us with a parade. In the 61st minute, however, Manuel Niebergall made it 1: 1 to equalize. Again Niebergall had the big chance to take the lead after 73 minutes, but failed at the goalkeeper. The hosts only had a good chance after a free kick hit the crossbar. After 82 minutes, Sascha Scheid redeemed the many traveling Quierschieder supporters with the 1: 2. With a dream goal with the outer instep in the far corner, he stroked the ball into the goal. In added time, Manuel Niebergall increased his first goal to 1: 3.

The form high of the last weeks could be taken into the encounter against St. Arnual and so they were overtaken in the table. Due to the backlog, the team was not thrown off the track and deservedly won. You have to try to keep this good shape until the end of the year. The next opportunity is the derby on Saturday against Altenwald (16:30 p.m. kick-off). With a win you could also overtake Eintracht in the table, but you have to work hard during the week.


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press report written by Spvgg Quierschied: Jan-Erik Schlicker