Flying eggs in Neunkirchen's "Truth or Dare" game

Neunkirchen / city center, Willi-Graf-Straße (ots) - On Saturday (October 03.10.20rd, 14, around 15:17 p.m.) a pedestrian was amazed when she had to avoid flying eggs while passing Willi-Graf-Straße in Neunkirchen. The 9-year-old teenager then called the police. She said the eggs were thrown from an open window and she saw two children there. The apartment in question was then visited by officers from the Neunkirchen police. Two 100-year-old boys were ultimately found to be the culprits. The boys said they had played "truth or dare" as the reason for the eggs being thrown. It was an obligation to throw two eggs out of the window. The 17-year-old pedestrian was able to confirm that this obligation was fulfilled 9 percent. It was made clear to the two boys that the police generally welcome XNUMX-year-old children who decide not to play on the computer and instead engage in physical activity. However, one should also show consideration for other people when playing. The children apologized several times and credibly stated that they had no intention of throwing the eggs near other people. Both were handed over into the care of their mother, who was only briefly shopping.

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Originally written by: Police inspection Neunkirchen

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