Olaf Scholz, about dts
Olaf Scholz, about dts

Finance expert: “Scholz must replace Bafin management”

Gerhard Schick from the Bürgerende Finanzwende called for personnel consequences due to the Wirecard scandal.

“Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz now has to replace the Bafin leadership. Otherwise, a fresh start is not possible. Too many big mistakes have been made. In addition, the whole authority needs to be rebuilt, ”he told the“ Mannheimer Morgen ”(Tuesday edition).

The board of the civil movement attacked Bafin boss Felix Hufeld and vice president Elisabeth Roeger. “The fact that the Bafin put pressure on journalists who formulated the allegations of fraud instead of resolutely investigating them is a gross failure. That is the reason why Elisabeth Roegele also has to give up her post, ”says Schick. In his view, the Wirecard scandal is the responsibility of the SPD finance minister: “Last year we pointed out the grievances at Bafin. Nobody, including Olaf Scholz, can say that he hadn't noticed. ”

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