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Arrest of a submissive sex offender

Saarbrücken / Dillingen (ots) - Today (June 10.06.2020, 38) in the morning, the investigators of the state police headquarters in Dillingen arrested a XNUMX-year-old convicted sex offender. He is now in the JVA Saarbrücken.

The man had been sentenced to five years' imprisonment by the Saarbrücken Regional Court in September 2019 for the sexual abuse of those under protection. After the judgment in February 2020 was legally valid and the sentence was served, the 38-year-old dived. Here, he changed his place of residence several times without meeting his reporting obligations. Intensive investigations put the target investigators on the trail of the sex offender. He could be located in an apartment in downtown Dillingen, where he was with his wife. The couple had not officially registered here either.

The wanted man was arrested without resistance by the officials and is now serving his five-year sentence.

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Originally written by: State Police Headquarters Saarland

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